Importance of Microchipping

Importance of Microchipping

As a pet owner, you are most likely aware of the need for vaccinations, neutering, and proper nutrition. Microchipping is of equal importance. Animals get curious and can wander off, sometimes ending up in danger or the wrong hands. At Cordova Station Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide residents of Cordova, TN with reliable microchipping services.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping involves the placement of miniature transponders underneath your pet’s skin as a means of identification should your pet become lost. Although microchipping is a highly effective method of pet identification, it should never replace basic ID tags. Microchips work by transmitting radio signals to a scanning device that will display your pet’s unique identification number.

Why is it Important to Have Your Pet Microchipped?

Basic ID tags have proved useful for many years. If your pet was to wander into a neighbor’s yard a few blocks over, the neighbor could simply read the tag and call your phone. However, pets do scratch and dig, so these tags could end up misplaced or the contact information could fade over time.

Microchipping is an effective backup method for permanent identification provided you keep all your contact information updated in a pet database. There’s a significantly greater likelihood that you will be reunited with your lost pet if you have had them microchipped.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN for Microchipping Services

Microchipping is a wise decision for pet owners to make. This procedure is offered at your local animal hospital and can mean the difference between your beloved pet returning home or being lost forever if they were to ever end up missing. For more information on microchipping or to schedule an appointment to have a microchip inserted, call Cordova Station Animal Hospital today at (901) 753-3539.