The Magic for NO Heartworms!!

The Magic for NO Heartworms!!

“What do you call a dog magician? A Labracadabrador!!!.” Don’t you worry, you can also be a magician for your dog or cat! The answer is simple... Heartworm prevention. Even though the warm weather is about to get a little cooler, your precious baby can still be at risk for heartworms.  Heartworms infect your pet by an infected mosquito biting a dog or cat that has the parasites. Any mosquito can carry this deadly disease! I know what’s going through your mind… Mosquitos die during the winter... that is not fully true. Yes, mosquitos tend to die after the first real freeze, but living in the south we don’t get the freeze we need in order to kill those nasty critters. They may dwindle in mass amounts, but they are still on the hunt. Here is where your magic skills come in to play, by purchasing Advantage Multi you are protecting your pet 100% from heartworms, as well as fleas, mites and other intestinal parasites. HOWEVER, you MUST apply the topical every 30 days for it to be effective.

Question... Where can I purchase this amazing magic? You can purchase a single dose each month for $22.50 or you can buy a box worth of 6 months. At this given time if you purchase a box you get 2 free single doses in your box!! That’s right TWO FREE DOSES! A $45 value only with us!!

PRICES!! $$$$

-Cat 9.1-18# = $118.00

-Dog 9.1-20# = $115.00 

-Dog 20.1-55# = $120.00

-Dog 55.1-88# = $125.00

-Dog 88.1-110# = $135.00