Having a Pet Spayed or Neutered Is Part Of Responsible Pet Ownership

Having a Pet Spayed or Neutered Is Part Of Responsible Pet Ownership

Having a Pet Spayed or Neutered Is Part Of Responsible Pet Ownership

There are thousands of dogs and cats born in the United States every day. Many of them go to loving homes where they are cared for by their families. Unfortunately, many of the dogs and cats that are born will never be lucky enough to secure a family of their own, and many will die because they don't receive proper care. Many more will die due to injuries they sustain and accidents, and others are forced into overcrowded animal shelters where they may be euthanized. Here at Cordova Station Animal Hospital, in Cordova, TN, our veterinarians believe that every animal deserves a good home with a loving family, and people need to understand the role they play in making sure that happens.

Responsibility Starts In the Home

Parents are responsible for the health and welfare of their children, and the same rings true for the dogs and the cats' people choose to bring into their homes. Dr. Sanders and Dr. Warner both agree that choosing to spay or neuter a pet is not only responsible but doing so actually helps to protect and extend the lives of pets. Thousands of male pets are lost each year because they travel for miles to find a dog or cat that is in heat to mate with, while many others are fatally injured along their journey. 

One of the most prevalent excuses people have for not having their pet spayed or neutered is that they can't afford it. Most animal shelters offer people who choose to adopt, spay and neuter coupons to have either procedure done at the animal hospital of their choice. There are also programs available in cities and towns across the United States that offer spay and neuter clinics, where people can take their pets to have the procedure done at minimal cost. Generally, information about spay and neuter programs can be obtained by calling animal control or by contacting a local vet’s office.

Spay and Neuter Benefits

There is a number of health benefits associated with having a pet spayed or neutered. Dogs and cats that have been either spayed or neutered are not as prone to getting uterine infections as dogs or cats that have not been altered. Neutered dogs and cats have a reduced risk of developing problems with their prostates and being diagnosed with testicular cancer. Female dogs and cats that have been altered benefit from the process of being spayed because they are less likely to develop tumors in their breasts. Pet owners also benefit from the spay or neuter process because pets that have been altered tend to be less aggressive, and typically have gentle temperaments. Male cat and dogs are less likely to mark their territory inside of the home after they have been altered. 

Timing Is Everything

Here in our office, Dr. Sanders and Dr. Warner recommend people spay or neuter their pets before they reach adulthood and before they go into heat for the first time. Dogs should have their procedures done sometime within the first six to nine months of life. Pet owners can safely spay and neuter their cats as early as the first eight weeks of life to reap all the benefits of spay or neuter procedures.

Your Pet’s Health and Safety Is In Your Hands

Clearly, responsible pet ownership spans far beyond the boundaries of providing them with fresh food and water. Our team of professionals here at Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN prides ourselves on our ability to educate pet owners in regard to the things they need to do to protect their pets like having them spayed or neutered. If you have a new little furry addition to your family, and they have not been spayed or neutered, give our office a call at 901-753-3540 to schedule an appointment.