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Pets have a way of adding joy and excitement to a household, despite needing lots of care. The first step in caring for a pet is finding an experienced vet to share the load. At Cordova Station Animal Hospital, Cordova, TN, we’re more than happy to help with the veterinary care of your new pet. We offer an assortment of pet care services ranging from routine care to pet emergencies and everything in between. Here’s what you can expect from our skilled veterinary team.

Whether you’re a new pet parent in Cordova, TN, or have owned a pet for years, Cordova Station Animal Hospital is your one-stop location for all your pet care needs. Our veterinary services include:

Routine Veterinary Care

Our veterinarian treats all kinds of conditions in all kinds of animals. Our routine veterinary care includes such services as wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control, spay and neuter surgery, nutritional counseling, and more. Our facility works by appointments but we accept walk-ins and provide emergency care as well.


We offer core and noncore vaccines to dogs and cats to protect them from life-threatening diseases. We’ll also personalize a vaccination schedule for your pet to meet its healthcare needs.  

Puppy and Kitten Packages

Through our puppy and kitten packages, your baby pets can receive extra vet care to protect their health and ensure they’re growing and developing as they should.


If you’re traveling and can’t take your pet along, Cordova Station Animal Hospital

Our professional bathing and grooming services will keep your cat and dog looking and feeling their best. Grooming not only enhances your pet’s appearance, it can improve its health as well.  


If your pet requires surgery, there’s no better place than Cordova Station Animal Hospital to have surgical procedures done. Our vets are well versed in elective and general surgery that can restore your pet’s health.

Dental Care

Dogs and cats use their teeth extensively throughout their lives. We provide routine dental exams and cleanings to help your pet maintain good oral health at every stage of its life.

Additional Services

For your convenience, we offer additional pet care services in the form of microchipping, heartworm prevention, prescription diet foods and more to keep your pet safe and healthy long-term.

See Our Cordova, TN, Veterinarian for Quality Pet Care

For quality pet care services you can trust, contact Cordova Station Animal Hospital, Cordova, TN, at (901) 753-3540.