Pet Wellness Exam

Understanding Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams are integral to maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. These exams allow your veterinarian to monitor your pet’s health and detect changes in its health or behavior that require closer examination. Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, is here to tell you the importance of pet wellness exams and what you should expect when bringing your pet in for one.

Pet Wellness Exam

What Is the Importance of Pet Wellness Exams?

Pet wellness exams are crucial to your pet’s preventative care. These exams allow your veterinarian to closely monitor your pet and catch health issues before they lead to severe complications that require pet surgery in the future. They can then provide prompt treatment to maintain your pet’s health and well-being. Your veterinarian can also administer preventative care, such as vaccinations and flea and tick prevention, during your pet’s wellness exam.

What Does the Veterinarian Do at a Wellness Exam?

Your vet will evaluate your pet’s physical health and behavior during its wellness exam. This checkup may include the following:

•             Check coat and skin for parasites, lumps, and other abnormalities

•             Examine eyes, ears, mouth, and nose for mites, infection, and swelling

•             Listen to the heart and lungs

•             Test reflexes

•             Check for mobility and joint issues

•             Test a stool sample for parasites

•             Perform deworming if necessary

•             Conduct a blood test for heartworm and check blood count

•             Administer vaccinations

•             Prescribe flea and tick prevention

•             Abdominal check

Your vet will also discuss your pet's diet and exercise routine to ensure your pet gets enough nutrition and exercise. They may advise you on the benefits of spaying or neutering and microchipping for safety. You can also ask questions and voice concerns about your pet's health and behavior during your pet’s wellness exam.

How Often Should I Schedule a Wellness Exam?

A healthy adult pet typically needs one wellness exam per year. Your veterinarian may recommend two or more exams a year for senior pets based on their general health and the conditions they are dealing with. For example, chronic conditions like arthritis and diabetes are common in elderly pets and need regular monitoring. Puppies and kittens should have a wellness exam every three or four weeks for their first four months to receive vaccinations, have blood tests, and ensure proper development.

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam Today at Cordova Station Animal Hospital

Pet wellness exams are vital for the early detection and intervention of several injuries or illnesses that can lead to significant complications for your pet in the future, so contact Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, to schedule a pet exam today. Call us and schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at (901) 753-3539 to protect your pet’s health and happiness.