Pet Allergies

It's common for a pet to develop an allergy to something. This development can be an allergy to something in the air, something that touches your pet's skin, or an ingested item. Various allergens are around us, and pets may react to them in several ways. When pets suffer from allergies, you may have a sick pet with a lower quality of life. For pet care for allergies, your pet will need to get vet care. To see the veterinarian, call our animal hospital in Cordova, TN, to get an appointment. In addition, your pet may need to take medication to help them stand up to the allergen and live a more comfortable life.

Allergens That Affect Pets

So, what is an allergen? It's a substance. Usually, it's a type of protein that causes reactions in pets. Pets have specific cells called mast cells located in the skin and the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. When these mast cells are affected by an allergen, they create reactions in the pet. These cells release several chemicals into the pet that are inflammatory. Usually, these are a chemical called histamine that makes various reactions depending on the allergen and the pet. Once the pet has been exposed to the allergen, it may react in a few minutes or take a few hours or even a few days.

Discovering the Allergen

The specific allergen causing the reaction varies from pet to pet. It's essential to narrow down what the pet is allergic to so we can take the necessary precautions. It can take time to pinpoint the exact allergen causing the problem. In some pets, it's never discovered. However, the veterinarian can help some pet owners to figure out what's causing the reaction. Many common allergens cause reactions in pets. Think about any changes in your household or yard. These reactions may happen if you use a new detergent or other cleaning chemical. It can also be an allergy, especially if the pet is given various food scraps. Eating specific proteins can cause problems for pets, or they may be allergic to spores or pollen in the air. They may have a plant allergy, such as an allergy to the grass in your yard. Most pets are also allergic to flea bites and may be allergic to the dust in your home.

Get Vet Care

For your pet care for your sick pet, it's essential to see the veterinarian about the allergic reaction. Visit our animal hospital to get the vet care your pet needs. Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Memphis, TN, is committed to helping anyone that walks through our doors. Contact us today at (901) 753-3539 to schedule an appointment.