Kitten Vaccinations

If you're the lucky new owner of a kitten and are Googling “veterinarian near me” in Cordova, TN, look no further. We at Cordova Station Animal Hospital are here to help you with maintaining the long-term health and happiness of your fluffy friend. If you're hesitant about vaccinations and need more information, keep reading to set your mind at ease.

Kitten vaccine

Why Should I Get My Kitten Vaccinated?

When kittens are born, they receive temporary immunity from serious diseases from the antibodies in their mother’s milk. In order to keep that protection, the kittens must build their own immunity. Vaccines will stimulate the antibodies in their blood system and provide long-lasting protection from serious, even deadly diseases.

What Vaccines Are Needed?

During the initial kitten exam, a vet on our team may administer the first of several rounds of vaccines. These vaccines may include:

•             Feline distemper (panleukopenia)

•             Feline oral rhinotracheitis (herpes)

•             Calicivirus

Depending on where you live and your cats' lifestyle (if they go outdoors, will be boarded, and so on) a veterinarian on our team may suggest non-core vaccines. If you live in areas where diseases like Lyme are easily spread, a vet on our team may suggest extra shots for added protection.

Are There Side Effects?

It is possible that your pet may if an allergic reaction to the vaccines. A member of our animal hospital can monitor your pet for a short time after the vaccine to make sure that he is okay and provide treatment if he does of a reaction.

Get a Kitten Exam and Cat Vaccinations from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If you're in need of kitten or cat vaccinations, our team of caring professionals are here to make sure your cat gets the help he needs. Don't hesitate to call and speak with our friendly staff about any questions you have. Call us at (901) 753-3539 for more information from a “veterinarian near me” at Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN.