Yearly Vaccinations

Should I Get My Pet Vaccinated?

Thousands of families have to make heart-wrenching decisions about their pet’s health every year. One of those decisions shouldn’t be whether to get your pet vaccinated. You’re responsible for every health decision made on behalf of your furry family member, so make the most of that responsibility.

Annual pet vaccination is a stress-free, low-cost way to ensure your pets are kept safe by providing that some of the most dangerous pet illnesses don’t affect them. Our vet can help ensure your pets are entirely up-to-date on their shots at their annual wellness visit to Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN.

Yearly Vaccinations

What Is Vaccination?

A vaccination is a means by which your pet’s immune system is prepared to fight off an infection. This preparation stage is exposure to things that look like viruses they might encounter, primarily a dead or attenuated version of the virus. Core vaccinations are often required for a pet owner every year or every other year. For example, these include rabies and distemper.

Canine core vaccinations include canine parvovirus and adenovirus, while other feline core vaccinations are herpesvirus and calicivirus. However, all these viruses are common to dogs and cats, especially dogs who board a doggy daycare. The consequences of catching any of these illnesses include spreading it rapidly to any unprotected animal near them.

Why Vaccinate?

Contagious diseases, especially viruses, can adversely affect your furry family members. Rabies is especially important to vaccinate against since it’s invariably fatal once symptoms start showing.

Post-exposure prophylaxis is worse and far less specific than vaccinating your pets before they’re exposed. In addition, viruses can be easily spread by animals because they do not have proper hygiene.

You must show proof of your pets' vaccination to renew their license tags in many places. For example, Tennessee requires dogs and cats to be vaccinated, though humans can use the one or three-year vaccine. So vaccination doesn't only make you a responsible pet owner. It’s the law.

How We Can Help

As full-service preventative pet care experts, our Cordova Station Animal Hospital veterinarian staff are ready to help you with every part of your animal’s care in Cordova, TN. We have convenient hours and attentive, caring staff to help your pet live its best life. Call our office today at (901) 753-3539 to schedule an appointment.