Cat Grooming

We all like to look our best and pet owners with felines know that their fluff friends also like to look good and feel good, too. At Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, a veterinarian on our veterinary team can provide a range of services dedicated to pet care to help keep your pet fit as a fiddle as well as looking his best. 

cat grooming

Pet Grooming and Pet Bathing Your Feline

Here are the details of having your cat groomed and grooming him at home:

At the Vet

Cats are experts at grooming themselves. It is a daily routine that can go on and on with the precise licking and washing they are adept at doing. When he or she has an appointment with an experienced groomer, the groomer, too, will provide a series of grooming techniques.

We can do a thorough brushing and bathing regimen reaching all areas of the feline's body with the end result being a content kitty looking its best while helping to support its overall good health.

At Home

Whether your feline is long or short-haired, regular brushing accomplishes several things, such as removing tangles, mats, loose hair, dead skin, and dirt. A good combing may also remove any fleas your pet may have attracted. Bathing keeps the fur coat clean and healthy and trimming of the nails helps promote safety to you, other pets, and your furniture.

Nail Trimming

No one wants long, unsightly nails, and that includes pets. When nails are not taken care of properly, they can become a hazard to you and other pets. Plus, long untrimmed nails can snag on carpet, furniture, etc. making it uncomfortable for your pet. As part of our pet grooming process, we will trim your pet's nails nice and neat.

Get Pet Care, Pet Grooming, and Pet Bathing from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Having your pet groomed not only helps him look good but, more importantly, is an important step in helping your cat maintain a healthy life. Whether your pet is coming to us at Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, for the first time or the tenth, you can rely on us to help keep your pet healthy. A “veterinarian near me” is here to help. Call us at (901) 753-3539 for more information.