Labs / Blood Work Testing in Cordova, TN

Our pets can't tell us when they are feeling poorly. They are unable to communicate pain or when something isn't right. Sometimes, it is even hard to tell if they have a fever, a stomachache, or an injury. This is where laboratory tests come into play. These tests can give concise answers or may lead to another testing to identify the issue. At Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, our veterinarians are proud to have an in-house laboratory to serve the needs of our pet patients.


Labs / Blood Work

Whether your pet is in for a routine check-up or is showing signs of sickness, pain, or injury, labs /blood work can put together a good analysis of the best course of action. Some of the blood work that our laboratory can perform are:

  • Complete Blood Count or CBC: CBC helps determine if a pet is dehydrated, if an infection is present, checks for anemia, and examines how well the immune system is working.
  • Blood Chemistry: This test tells our veterinarians how your pet's organs are functioning.
  • Urinalysis: This analysis will tell our doctors about problems with hydration, infection, diabetes, and any problems or disease within the kidneys or bladder.
  • Fecal: This test will show any parasites or fungus your pet may be carrying.
  • Heartworm Testing: A heartworm test is a necessary test that can determine if your pet has heartworms.
  • C6/Quant C6 Test: Lyme disease can be detected with this test.

Sending Labs / Blood Work Out

Some tests may require being sent to an independent lab for completing the work. These are usually more in-depth testing, such as:

  • Biopsy results for skin and ear infections
  • Testing biopsied masses or tumors
  • More complicated testing that cannot be determined by in-house testing

When Does My Pet Need Blood Work?

Our vets, Dr. Sanders and Dr. Warner, may recommend blood work during an annual exam or if there is a suspicion that there is an infection or illness. There are other reasons as well, such as:

  • Pre- and post-operative testing
  • Before and after starting new medications
  • Continued monitoring of the functioning of the body in pet's with ongoing issues

Rely On Us to Determine What is Wrong with Your Pet

If your pet requires labs/blood work, Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, can help. Dr. Sanders and Dr. Warner are ready to serve you and your furry companion. Call us today to make an appointment: (901) 753-3539.