Our boarding facility is top dog.
Our kennels are air conditioned for the dog days of summer and warm and cozy for the cold nights of winter. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is trained to spot problems and administer any medication your pet may require. You can feel comfortable leaving your pet in our professional paws, um... hands.

Our clinic offers full care day and overnight boarding. We charge by the night so you are welcome to drop-off/pick up your pet anytime we are there. Unfortunately we do not offer drop-off/pick up when the clinic isn't open for regular business. This means there are no drop-off/pick ups Saturday after noon or all day Sunday.

We do require current vaccinations and a current fecal in order for a pet to stay in clinic. Prices for boarding are listed below.


Day Board- $22.00

Canine (1-25 lbs)- $36.55 per night

Canine (26-100 lbs)- $42.55 per night

Canine (101+ lbs)- $47.55 per night

Feline- $30.55 per night

Avian- $42.55 per night

We feed IAMS sensitive stomach in our kennel. There is no additional charge to feed our food, but you are more than welcome to bring your own! We are more than happy to give any medications your pet is on but there is an additional charge of $4.00 per night.