Routine Pet Care from Our Qualified Veterinarian

Pets must receive regular check-ups and other routine care to stay healthy. Another part of pet care we provide at Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, is ensuring your pets receive their vaccinations. In addition, we provide regular vet care for your pets. Dr. Kyle Sanders will give you the routine care your pet requires.

Routine Veterinary Care

How Often Should Your Pet Receive Routine Care?

Typically, we provide your pet with routine care annually. This yearly care allows us to perform check-ups and offer other regular care that your pet might require. As previously mentioned, one common type of routine vet care is vaccination.

The type of vaccination our veterinarian will provide depends on several factors. One crucial factor that affects your pet's vaccination is whether it is a cat or a dog. Two standard vaccinations are distemper and rabies. In addition, we may provide your pet with other vaccinations to ensure it remains healthy year-round.

Vaccinations are an essential part of standard pet care in our practice. We can also provide your pet with flea and tick treatment and flea and tick prevention. In addition, we will check your pet to ensure they do not have fleas or ticks during the physical exam.

Dental Care Services

At the Cordova Station Animal Hospital, we also provide dental care for your pet. Of course, you can help maintain your pet's dental health yourself by using toothpaste and chews. However, one of our veterinarians can evaluate your pet's dental health and scrape off any remaining plaque on their teeth. It is essential to remember that your pet's dental health is critical to its overall health. Therefore, you should ensure your pet's teeth are healthy between visits to our veterinarian.

We Can Groom Your Pet

The routine care we provide at our practice in Cordova, TN, is grooming. Proper grooming has several benefits for your pet. Grooming can ensure your pet doesn't get overheated, matted fur, or even lose some of its vision. Additionally, grooming decreases the risk of ticks and fleas, since these insects often prefer targets with a thick coat.

Stop by Our Practice Right Away

For high-quality routine pet care in Cordova, TN, you should visit Cordova Station Animal Hospital. Our veterinarian, Dr. Kyle Sanders, is experienced and fully licensed. We do our best to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed. You should stop by today and find out how our vet can help keep your pet healthy with routine care. Call us at (901) 753-3539 to schedule an appointment.