Feline Surgeries

Female Spay- $212.00

Male Neuter- $138.00

All spay/neuter prices include a pain injection the day of surgery and pain pills for the few days following. Our surgeon uses internal stitches so you don't even have to bring your pet back to have stitches removed!

Spay/Front Declaw- $443.90

Neuter/Front Declaw- $419.90

Front Declaw- $361.90

Front/Rear Declaw- $475.90

Declaw cats do have to stay overnight for one night for a bandage check, which is included in the cost of the procedure! A pain injection, antibiotics, and special litter for recently declawed felines is also included in the price.

We do require current vaccinations and a current fecal in order for a pet to stay in clinic.