Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations

Just like people need vaccines to protect themselves, pets need them too. These vaccines help protect your pets from many contagious diseases, which are likely to cause serious illnesses or even death. At Cordova Station Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, we provide pet vaccination services to reduce the risk of full-blown infections.

The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations prepare a pet’s immune system to fight infections. This is because vaccines trigger protective immune system responses through the production of antibodies. These antibodies identify disease-causing agents and destroy them whenever they enter the pet’s body.

Veterinary care experts such as Dr. Sanders and Dr. Warner concur that the widespread use of pet vaccinations has prevented millions of animal diseases and deaths within the past decades. Vaccinations can also help you avoid costly pet treatment, which could otherwise have been prevented.

Why Kittens and Puppies Require a Series of Vaccinations

Young pets are more susceptible to infectious diseases compared to adult pets because their immune system hasn’t matured fully. Although these animals receive antibodies from their mother’s milk, the protection offered is not long-lasting.

A series of vaccinations is the best way to ensure your kittens or puppies stay healthy. In most cases, the first vaccine boosts the pet’s immune system against bacteria and viruses. In contrast, subsequent doses help the animal further produce essential antibodies required for long-term protection.

What Vaccine Should You Give Your Pet?

Other than age, your pet’s lifestyle and geographical location can determine whether it needs a certain vaccination. Pets that live indoors and don’t interact with other animals have a reduced risk of exposure to diseases, they may not need some vaccinations.  Also, if you live in a neighborhood with a high risk of exposure to diseases, you need to vaccinate your pet as early as possible. A veterinarian will provide a full examination and create a vaccination schedule that works best for your pet.

Veterinary Care in Cordova, TN

Pet vaccination is a reliable method to prevent diseases. If you are a new pet owner or you’re looking for a new veterinarian in the area, call Cordova Station Animal Hospital today at 901-753-3540 to schedule an appointment for vaccinations or other forms of veterinary care.